Minimalist Kitchen Renovation Tricks

Minimalist Kitchen Renovation Tricks – The kitchen is a place to cook and be creative. So that the kitchen becomes more comfortable and fun. The kitchen can be renovated to be very special. not only the house that can be innovated, the kitchen can also be renovated to be more comfortable. You can see examples of designs on google. Here are tricks for minimalist kitchen renovations

1. If your budget is limited, prioritize painting the walls and kitchen cabinets first. If these two components can be transformed more optimally, the kitchen atmosphere will immediately look different

Choose a wall color that can instantly change the mood of your kitchen. Try to choose colors that tend to be easy to apply to many decorations, such as gray, beige, or can be olive green. If you need a lot of paint, just buy a big bucket, usually it’s much cheaper. The average small kitchen renovation takes about 300 thousand to buy the paint.

2. The important thing that should not be missed when remodeling a kitchen with a minimal budget is updating old utensils and adding some kitchen accessories

Jangan lagi pakai sudip atau sutil yang sudah hilang gagangnya. Selain mengurangi kenyamanan saat memasak, sutil yang sudah tak bergagang akan mengganggu esetetika dapurmu. Perbaruilah perkakas dapur yang sekiranya memang perlu diganti dan pilih yang warnanya sesuai dengan tema dapur. Atau, kamu bisa menambahkan beberapa pernak-pernik dekorasi untuk menambah estetika dapur.

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3. The main problem of a small kitchen is usually in the lighting. Add some lights when renovating a small kitchen to make it look brighter

Instead of breaking down the wall to make another window, it’s better to add some lights as a new light source. Choose LED lights that save electricity and have colors that match the walls and kitchen cabinets. Make sure the selected light is brighter than before. So, so that the light intensity spreads, place the lamp right in the middle of the kitchen area. Especially if you want to renovate the kitchen and dining room combined into one.

4. Instead of replacing tiles and kitchen countertops, it’s better to just add upholstery stickers. Much more economical for sure~

Even though the tiles are not very visible, their changes can increase the cooking mood. Instead of having to replace it with a new ceramic motif, just coat it with stickers whose motifs match the kitchen theme. For the kitchen table, you can use a vinyl or silicone coating to make it easier to clean in case it gets stained while cooking.

5. Prepare a budget for the cooker hood, especially if your kitchen size is not too big and doesn’t have a decent opening

Even if you are working on a simple kitchen renovation, the cooker hood still needs to be taken into account. For some people, this object may seem not so important, even though its role is very effective in creating a comfortable, smoke-free kitchen. By installing a cooker hood around the stove, cooking fumes will no longer fill the kitchen.